Want More Money? Start With Adobe Stock Images

Do you need to make more money for your business? There is not a business owner out there who would answer “No” to that question. Good business owners and managers are always trying to find new and innovative ways to bring more money into the business. There are many ways you can generate more money for your business. Many of these methods require you to use images that capture the attention of prospective income generators. This is where Adobe Stock can help you. Adobe Stock gives you access to over four million stock photos and other images that can help you make money for your business. Just take a look.

Rent out your extra space

If you have more space than you need, rent out your unused portion. The money you get from rent payments can be put right back into your business. If you are going to rent space, you need to create signs to get the word out. This is where Adobe Stock comes in. When you make your signs, you are going to need some cool images that catch the attention of prospective renters.

Hire new employees

You can place a help wanted ad in the paper, but there is a good chance that no one will see it. You can also post your job opening on an Internet job board, but there is a good chance that it will get lost among the thousands of other ads. If you are looking for someone local who can help you as your business grows, try creating a sign or flyer that you can post all over your local area. Signs with interesting images will grab the attention of prospective future employees and before you know it people will be knocking down your door to work for you.

Have a sale

Nothing entices customers to make purchases more than the promise of a sale. Just the hint of the idea can bring droves of people into a store. But, it is vitally important to get people in the store. Again, Adobe Stock can help, you can read the Adobe Stock review here. The photos, graphics and other images that are available can be used for signage that can be placed near the store. You can also create sales “flyers” that you can post on your web page or your various social media outlets. The more interesting you make your sales announcements, the more people will come to check out your store and the items that are for sale.

Develop a logo and brand

You can easily choose an image from Adobe Stock, manipulate it in any way you choose, and then turn it into a logo. Before long that logo will be immediately associated with your company and all of a sudden, you will have a brand. Although you might not immediately think that a logo and brand can make your company money, think of some common logos that are quite successful. There are probably not many people who do not immediately recognize companies such as Apple, Nike, and Starbucks simply from just their logos.

Create promotional items

One of the best ways a business can promote itself is by creating promotional items that can be passed out to the public. Some examples of promotional items include t-shirts, coffee mugs, and pens. It is easy to find the perfect image on Adobe Stock and then turn it into a symbol of your brand. If you are going to use images in this manner, it is important to get an Adobe Stock extended license that allows the use of the images in this manner.

Improve your website

Having an engaging website is important for any business, but it is especially important for a small business that is trying to make more money. People judge websites by their visual appeal. If they are not visually stimulated by what they see, there is little chance that they will stick around to see what you have to offer. But, by adding Adobe Stock images, you can create a website that is so interesting that both current and prospective customers will be clamoring to return to it.

Improve your social media posts

Any business that wants to grow needs to utilize the social media outlets. Whereas content is king, you absolutely need to supplement your posts with eye-catching graphics. This area is another one where Adobe Stock can provide a benefit. You can easily filter out images that you are not interested in and narrow your search to ones that meet your needs. Before you know it, you will find the right image to go with the Facebook post that promotes your store.

When you think about it, stock photos, illustrations, graphics and other images can be a huge asset to any business. Do not delay, and try Adobe Stock today. You will be amazed at how it helps your business make more money.

Royalty Free vs Rights Managed

Royalty fee vs rights managed – the battle between these common licenses continues in the mind of many creative professionals. Some have trouble deciding which to get, with their needs and budget in mind.


Royalty free and rights managed are very different from each other. They have their own advantages and disadvantages. To make sure you get the license you need, it is important that you understand how they work. By knowing the individual features of each license, you will be able to make the best of stock photos in your project and achieve your creative goals.

  • Royalty Free grants unlimited and multiple use of an image for a one-time flat fee. With only a few restrictions, you can use the image in multiple permitted ways. However, the license is non-exclusive. This means that the photos can be sold to multiple buyers who are willing to purchase them with an RF license.Royalty free images are priced at affordable prices in stock photo agencies. You can purchase them between $1 and $15 each. Getting a credit pack or subscribing to a plan lets you purchase the images for a lot less.
  • Rights Managed offers time and location specific use of images and per-use rights to use them. Unlike royalty free, it provides optional exclusive rights to the buyer during the licensed period. The images can only be used based on their consigned use. If you want to use them in a different way, you have to purchase another license.

The price of rights managed license depends on these 4 factors: purpose, location, duration of use, and exclusivity. Sometimes, it turns out to be cheaper than royalty free. It can also get considerably expensive. RM license has a more detailed buying process and custom-set rights. That’s why they are less widely available and with only few duplicates simultaneously in use.

Which License Should You Choose?

When deciding which license to choose, price is not only the factor to consider. You also have to think about how you intend to use the image, where you want to use it, and for how long you are going to use it. By evaluating your needs and goals, you can identify the suitability of each license and choose the best for your creative projects. Who knows, maybe you’ll save a lot more than you think while getting the most of out of it.

To wrap our royalty free vs rights managed license war, the main difference between the two comes with the rights they provide buyers. RF lets you use the image in any project for as long you like, without paying for royalties each time. RM lets you use the image in a specific way, at a specific location and within a specific period of time. It also gives you the option to obtain exclusivity rights. Now, it is for you to decide which license you should get.

We Got a Bigstock Coupon You Will Surely Love

bigstock-logoWorking on a creative project is not an easy task. You do not only need to manage your time, but your budget as well. Thus, finding the perfect image that will match your theme and convey your message should not be taken lightly. You need to sign up for the right stock photo website that offers a wide variety of images at the most attractive prices. BigStock is among the cheapest stock photo agencies in the Internet and it offers another way to further your savings.

Bigstock Coupon

There are three ways to enjoy additional savings with the BigStock Coupon: 1) BigStock Free Trial, 2) Discount on Credit Packages, and 3) Discounts on Subscription Plans. Which should you get? Read on to find out.

  • 35 Free Images with the BigStock Free Trial. This BigStock coupon is for new customers. Many bloggers, web designers and businesspersons do not subscribe to a stock site as they do not know whether they can find what they are looking for in its libraries. That is totally understandable. Who would spend their money without prior knowledge about what they diving into? With BigStock, this is certainly not a problem. You can always try the BigStock Free Trial, which is valid for 7 days.


The BigStock Free Trial allows you to check out the website and find out if it is easy to use and navigate for you. If you want to make a purchase, you can get the 25 credit package that allows you to download the same amount of images. With a BigStock coupon, you can get an additional 10 credit package which is equal to 10 images free of charge.

  • 15% Discount on Credit Packages. Both new and existing customers can avail of this BigStock coupon. This option is suitable for you if you are looking to buy images on demand or credit packages of varying sizes. It is also suitable for you if you do not plan on getting your images from the stock site regularly. The coupon is valid through December 31, 2016, so hurry and redeem it now. Save up to 15% and download high quality images with a BigStock promo code.
  • 15% Discount on Image Subscription Plans. Also, both new and existing customer can enjoy this BigStock coupon. It provides 15% discount on all image subscription plans so it is suitable for those who have consistent images needs at large volumes. BigStock has broad subscription options with daily and monthly limits. Make sure you choose wisely whichever suits your creative needs and budget. It is also valid until December 31, 2016, so hurry and redeem it now!

Whether you are a new or existing customer, there is a BigStock coupon for you. With these promo codes, you will surely enjoy additional savings for other important expenses on your whole creative project.

Is it Wise to Get Shutterstock Coupon Code 2016?

 shutterstock-free-trialShutterstock is one of the largest stock photo agencies in the market. It has over 80 million royalty-free stock images, graphics, videos and music clips in its library. In fact, it continuously grows as it uploads over 500,000 fresh images every month. It is a go-to place for many bloggers, web designers and businesspersons due to its vast collection and simple pricing. However, not all can afford the rates that the stock site offers.

For some with larger creative needs and lesser budgets, it may be a disappointment not to be able to avail of the services of one of the best stock photo websites in the industry. It is a good thing that Shutterstock coupon codes are made available in partner websites. They provide great savings for everyone. They may think that 10 or 20 percent is a small amount, but they can be significant overtime. So, is it wise to get a coupon for Shutterstock? Absolutely.

This year, our Shutterstock coupon code 2016 gives 15% savings on all image subscriptions and 10% on all footage products. Valid through June 30, 2016, it will give everyone a chance to access, purchase and download premium content from the stock photo website. It allows you to download more photos without spending more. In a word, it gives you the opportunity to get professional quality images and save at the same time.

shutterstock logoThere are three main reasons to choose Shutterstock as your primary image source:

  • It offers free and premium content. That’s right. A free browse Shutterstock account will give you one free photo and one free vector every week. You can also download images on demand with that account. On the other hand, a subscription entitles you to access the entire collection and allows you to download images according to the plan you purchased.
  • It is available in various prices. Depending on the number of images, the number of users and the license included, Shutterstock offers various prices. You will surely find one that will fit your creative needs and budget.
  • It provides Shutterstock promo codes. The stock photo website partners with other websites to provide new and existing customers with valuable savings. While they are only 15% and 10% on image subscriptions and footage products respectively, they can be significant in the long run.

Is it wise to get Shutterstock coupons? Definitely. You do not have to pay a price for these promo codes. You don’t even need to give out your email, personal and credit card details to the distributors. You do all that with the stock photo agency upon purchase of the image plan. What are you waiting for? Get your coupon codes now and start downloading premium content from a premium stock site.